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EASTER - Rising Above the Fray with Jesus
Posted by VCC on April 16, 2017 at 10:48 AM

A very good morning to you all, and it is a very, very good morning! It is on this day we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead and with it all that it means. It’s not, as some would think, simply a necessary proof or vindication of who Jesus says He is as the Son of God, though it certainly is that, but so much more. Jesus’ rising from the dead brought forth the new life promised as a reality and sign of the restoration of God’s Creation from the waywardness of people’s desire to be the boss and the resulting dysfunction we now see in ourselves and in the world around us. This restoration as the bible describes it, starts with we who have put our faith in Jesus. Sin literally is missing of the mark set for us as humans beings as reflective agents of God to the rest of creation. It distorts that reflection and clouds our true identity and purpose. On Good Friday in Jesus’ sacrifice for us of Himself, taking on the punishment due us because that sin, He justified us before God, made us right with Him, in our complete forgiveness. It (restoration) starts with us when we put our faith in Him and Him alone. This makes us new! Through Jesus we can then live the good life God has for us as true humans. We rise above the *fray with Jesus, of the all that is wrong in ourselves and in the world.

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