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Bridging the Culture Divide
Posted by VCC on February 24, 2019 at 10:47 AM

This morning I want us to look at something that seems so much in our face lately. Even for those of us who try to steer clear of the current political and societal sifts, and along with them the tensions felt between peoples, we just can’t avoid being drawn in to some degree. With the practice of civility lacking everywhere, barbs being thrown by one group to another, by one person to another. People making up false stories of abuses to make political points and especially laws being made downgrading life to such an extent that many believe we’re being set up where life at any age will lose its value. How are we as Christians to respond and to act in a climate, for most of us that is so counter to the one we grew up, and seems so unredeemable in its direction. So this morning we’ll look at bridging the cultural divide. I must admit that for those of us over 40 we may find this a bit difficult and may need to look to those younger than us to help us out a bit with this topic since this is the culture they have grown.

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