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Why? Believe in God
Posted by VCC on April 28, 2019 at 12:50 PM

During this series, we will be addressing the big points of why there is a God and what it means to have a God in this wide universe. The big questions of faith, and what it really is. God has revealed Himself through creation. As we look around at the universe we see the earth at large. It is important to remember the creator behind the creation. We keep in mind the inventor and not just the invention. As people, if we focus too much on the creation, we forget the invisible qualties that have been known since the beginning of time. There are so many different theories that try to explain why the earth came about from Pantheism to Natualism. We sometimes fall prey to the belief it's science vs. faith. As God is the creator, he also created science. Which means, if faith in Him exists then we have to only assume science was part of the creation considering science was created by God. Since creation had a creator, there was also an origin. There was a point before the creation of the universe. The universe has been proved to be expanding, proving there was an origin. If we reversed time, we would see the universe coming back together. This would bring it back to the origin of creation. Naturalism may believe the biological complexity of the universe evolved by chance. Modern science has shown this is a statistical improbaility. Any shift in the universe would have made it impossible for life to exist. The odds are 1 in 10 to the 124th power. Incredible stuff! Stay tuned for the next step of the series as we dive into Why Christianity? 

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