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Why Series - Why Care?
Posted by VCC on May 12, 2019 at 10:29 AM

In choosing our Sunday topics after Easter we undertook a series we called “Why” or “The Why Series”. It was meant to help those who are outside of faith, who may have some questions about the existence of God and the exclusive claims of Christianity, either to help answer those questions or at least help in pointing them to resources to find good responses. It was also meant to help people of faith who may not know how to respond to those who are questioning them about their beliefs. Hopefully supplying some information, and at the same time, pointing them to resources to help in further research. Both Tim and Ray did a wonderful job in doing those very things. This morning I want to sum-up to some degree by talking about why we should care? Why care about the existence of God and the claims of Jesus? What does it matter and how might it reflect on how we engage life in relationship with others?

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