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August 2017
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Parables of Jesus - Pharisee and Tax Collector at Prayer
Posted by VCC on August 6, 2017 at 12:44 PM

Each summer we go through portions of the Bible to handle them in context. *Encountering the Bible This summer we’re looking at 10 of the not so common 1a.parables that are unique to the gospel of Luke. Parables are made up stories utilized by Jesus to reveal a truth and to illicit a response from its hearers. This morning, on our sixth Sunday of this series we’ll *look at a parable that may be called 1b. The Pharisee and Tax Collector at Prayer. It not only relates to past week’s topics, but in context, drives home “the nature of God’s project.”(NIC) That is the restoring work of Jesus and our living a new life; as it relates to God and others.

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