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Sacred Rhythms - Invitation to Spiritual Transformation
Posted by VCC on February 16, 2014 at 2:41 PM

We are starting a series that is a true follow-up to the one that we have just finished, about finding answers to life's big questions, with the last topic broaching this whole idea of a relationship with Jesus. For most of you who are new to faith, and for many who are still trying to feel your way through the reality of Jesus, the idea of having a relationship with Him can be a bit of a mystery. Our new series, which is based on the book called Sacred Rhythms, written by Ruth Haley Barton (from which our series gets its title), will more directly address developing a rhythm to our lives, which includes a refreshing, meaningful relationship with God. Today, we will look at how such a relationship is an Invitation to Spiritual Transformation.



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