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Judges 16:15-31
Judges 16 Our Mighty God
Posted by VCC on August 17, 2014 at 5:05 PM


We are in the midst of a summer series, going through the book of Judges. This Old Testament book can be challenging, even offensive, to today's sensibilities; without a proper understanding of what the main issues are, we can miss the point. At the same time, Judges fits our present day culture very well, particularly as seen in our popular action movies, flooded with anti-hero types and revenge motifs, what many have described as an overindulgent “me” mentality.


This morning, we learn more about probably the most famous of all the Judges, Samson, who he himself has had movies made about him. Sampson, speaking-out prophetically against the people of Israel, can be seen as a mirror held-up to God’s people to see just how far they have fallen in order to shake them out of the complacency that they are in. Let it be a mirror to us as well; God’s people in the world today. Entitled “Our Mighty God”, our lesson is about the truth behind the story. Behind the lessons learned from the life of Samson is the lesson of what kind of God is Yahweh.

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