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No Strings Attached Food Distribution

 "He who is kind to the poor lends to the Lord"


It is our desire to fulfill the call of the Lord to care for those in need. We do this by targeting the "working poor" who we have found to be the most in need, while trying to make it the best way they know how. The ministry was started by the Pastor and his family before they "planted/started" the church. They would go into areas known to be high need areas offering food and other services with the resources available to them. The ministry now obtains almost 1500 lbs of food from different sources, at minimal cost, every couple of weeks. A various number of people from the church go out and deliver food, as calls come in from people throughout Dutchess County.  We also have many who come to our pantry, by appointment, and pick up food for themselves.  In the previous year we fed over 6000 people!  Also, as an offshoot to this ministry we supply food and personnel to serve at a local homeless shelter once a quarter on a 5th Saturday.  


Our Food Pantry Coordinator is Michelle Flynn, and she can be reached by calling the church at 845-227-7832