Where Hope Happens

Visting? What to Expect.

It can be a little uncomfortable visiting a venue such as a church for the first time, but if we let you know up front what to expect we think it should make it easier for you.  

We are somewhat of an informal kind of church, so don't be surprised to see people dressed very comfortably (even the pastors).   

We start with some music, focused of course on God, played in a more or less contemporary style.  Our children stay with us in the Sanctuary for the worship and then are dismissed to their classes at an appropriate time.  We sing worship songs for 20-30 minutes.  A time of silence is often observed after the last song, and someone from the congregation, who is released by the pastors to do so, may give an encouragement (a brief prophetic type pronouncement).  This is followed by a prayer from one of our worship team members. 

An individual will step up to the podium to reference the ?Connection Cards? you were given on your arrival.  We give all those in attendance these cards so that members and visitors alike may sign-up or request more information about happenings in our church.  This time will include some announcements for things coming up.  Just after the announcements are completed we often preface our pastor?s talk with a short video relating to the morning?s topic, then a pastor will bring that mornings (sermon/homily/message). 

At the end of the service the speaker will reference an ?Action Step? which appears on the back of everyone?s Connection Cards to check off if they so intend, and then the cards are collected by our Ushers.  There usually is an invitation to any who would like prayer for whatever they need?this is done by coming forward and having one of our ?Prayer Team? members pray for whatever is asked.  

Depending on the service all this can last anywhere from 1.25 to 1.5 hours.  

Hope this helps, we really look forward to meeting you, so please stick around afterwards and introduce yourself to one of our Pastors.